Behind No Kitchen Sink

It's me! I'm behind No Kitchen Sink. Not a wall (that's a dad joke). No Kitchen Sink is a one woman shop as I am the designer, maker, accountant, buyer, customer service, etc., but like a tale as old as time, I started out working in a completely different field after receiving my B.S. in environmental science from Purdue University. My background in environmental science ROOTED my deep love for environmental sustainability and subsequently I have worked hard at personal growth and understanding our heavily imbalanced societal structure over my years as a business owner, resulting in a deep passion for social justice and intersectional feminism.

I created No Kitchen Sink in 2014 when I realized I just could not stop making things, in some form or another, and that I had the guts to create a career path doing what I loved. The name No Kitchen Sink was born when I couldn't just pick one thing I wanted to make and sell, I made everything but the kitchen sink! I have since honed in on jewelry, but I continue to make all sorts of things, and hope to expand my items offered one day. My aim as I design is to create pieces that make you feel empowered, and they're oftentimes my lighthearted take on heavy issues. So, even if you buy a pair of earrings that don't SAY "NASTY WOMAN" directly on them, know that one made them - and I was thinking allll sorts of nasty white supremacy crushing, patriarchy dismantling thoughts while doing it. ♥